Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Where is the king?

I begin my search for the royal psalms with a simple query - where does MLK occur as a root in the psalms? Here is the distribution by psalm and by book.

Several psalms stand out: 2, 24, 45, 47, 68, 72 - but I know there are others and they don't stand out, and there are some that stand out like 105 that are not royal - they mention kings in other contexts. So I added throne KS) to my search and also govern M$L. The graphs are too hard to see so here is a tabular summary.

The questions are many - among which is have I missed things (yes - see the next post where I find some of them) or selected false positives? (For example rule and proverb have the same three-letter root. Similarly throne and full moon! )

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