Friday, November 28, 2008

Psalm 39

For the leader
for Jeduthun (see also Psalm 62 and Psalm 77)
A Psalm
Of David
I said I will keep my ways from sin with my tongue
I will keep my mouth muzzled
while a wicked thought is before me
I was bound mute
I was still from good
and my sorrow was stirred
Hot was my heart within me
in musing fire burned
I spoke with my tongue

Make me know יְהוָה my end and the measure
such as it is
of my days
how I will know her measure?
how transient I am!
Here are the hand-breadths you have made of my days
my time is as nothing before you
surely it is all futility
every earthling standing strong
surely in a semblance a human walks
surely as futility they roar
they accumulate stuff
nd haven't a clue who will get it
and now why do I wait Lord?
my hope?
she is in you!
from all my transgressions deliver me
do not make me a reproach of the fool
I was bound
I was not opening my mouth
because you had done it
remove from me your touch
from the contention of your hand
I am finished
with corrections of iniquity you chasten a human
and attractiveness dissolves like a moth
surely every earthling is a futility
Hear my prayer יְהוָה
and respond to my cry
you will not be silent to my tears
for I am a stranger to you
dwelling as were all my ancestors
look at me
and I will smile before I go
and there is no me
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