Friday, October 31, 2008

Back to translating - Psalms 12 and 13

For the leader, in octaves
A Psalm, of David
Save יְהוָה, for ceased are the merciful
for vanished are the faithful
among the children of dust

they speak,
each to his friend
lip divided and heart from heart
they speak
יְהוָה shall cut off all lips divided from the tongue
speaking boasts
who said
with our tongue we will be strong
our lips are ours
who is Lord to us!

For the havoc of the poor
for the groaning of the needy
now I will arise says יְהוָה
I will impose in safety
he snorts at him

The words of יְהוָה are words of purity
silver refined in a furnace of earth
purified seven times
You יְהוָה keep them
You will guard us from such a generation for ever
On every side the wicked are walking
for lifted up is the worthlessness of the children of dust

For the leader
A Psalm of David
How long יְהוָה will you forget me - forever?
How long will you hide your face from me?
How long will I give myself counsel?
grief in my heart by day?
How long will my enemies be lifted up over me?

Consider - answer me יְהוָה my God
Light my eyes lest I be dead asleep
and my enemies say - I have overpowered him
My foe will rejoice for I will be moved
But I have trusted in your kindness
My heart will rejoice in your salvation
I will sing to יְהוָה of his bounty to me

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