Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Another image of globular structures in the psalter

Here's the next stage of the image of the psalter as I translate a second time striving to see if there are shapes in the vagueness of my understanding.

Note the overall beginning and end: 1-2 / 149

then the cluster of personal psalms after the opening bracket and before the closing one

then individual psalms 8 and 144 following each personal cluster and related by the question - what is man?

then the pillars surrounding the Elohist Psalter

then groups of psalms related to Instruction 1, 15, 19, 24, 119

then the acrostics - in books I and V only

then the miktamim, a single psalm 16 and a sequence of 5 56-60 and the do not destroy, 3 of the 5 and a single psalm 75

then Wilson's suggested: "Royal Covenantal Frame" 2, 72, 89, and 144, and a "Final Wisdom Frame," 1, 73, 90, 107, and 145 (the first psalms of Books I, III, IV, and V, along with the final psalm of Book V proper).

finally (so far) psalms 103-106 - the one and the many in the created and redeemed order.

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