Friday, November 28, 2008

Psalm 33

This poem is untitled. It is corporate rather than personal.
Exult righteous ones in יְהוָה
to the upright praise is beautiful
give thanks to יְהוָה on the harp
on a tithed skin-bottle make music to him

sing to him a new song
well practiced play with a shout of joy
for the word of יְהוָה is upright
and all his works are faithfulness

loving righteousness and judgment
the loving kindness of יְהוָה fills the earth
in the word of יְהוָה the heavens were made
and in the breath of his mouth are all their hosts

gathering as a heap the waters of the sea
giving in a treasury the deeps
from יְהוָה all the earth will fear
from him let all those living in the world continue

for he speaks and it is
he commands and it stands
יְהוָה breaks the counsel of the nations
he frustrates the plans of peoples

the counsel of יְהוָה for ever will stand
the plans of his heart from age to age
happy the nation where יְהוָה is its God
the people chosen as his inheritance

from the heavens יְהוָה looks
he sees all the human children
from the place he lives
he peers at all those living on the earth
the one who evolved their heart
the ponderer of all their works

there is no king saved by much force
a mighty one is not delivered by much power
the horse is a false hope for salvation
and his great force will not deliver

Note this: the eye of יְהוָה is on those who fear him
on those hoping in his loving kindness
to deliver their being from death
and to keep them alive in scarcity

Our being waits for יְהוָה
he is our help and our shield
for in him our heart will rejoice
for in his holy name we have trusted
let your loving kindness יְהוָה be on us
for it is in you that we hope

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