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The Acrostics (1)

Before I can continue my structural analysis, I must have my rough translations smoothed [ - and corrected - Psalms 9 and 10 are really raw and rough and wrong in the images]. The exercise here moves from learning one word or phrase at a time to holding the Hebrew in one part of the mind while trying to make sense of it in one's native tongue. Obvious, I guess - but many clues are there, though not easily in my sight. So these smoothed translations are but a second draft. The act of translation is continuous dialogue.

The next set of psalms in the structure levels drafted here are the acrostics - so here goes. I am no Mary Herbert! But I will attempt to conform to the acrostic one way or another. As explained here by Ronald Benun, this acrostic has several missing letters: ד, מ, נ, ס, ע, פ, צ. The disorderly part of Psalm 10 has much in common with Psalm 7. Where do we see Christ here?

Psalm 9 and 10

For the leader
To death
of the son
A Psalm of David
א Ah, I will praise יְהוָה with all my heart
I will declare all your wonders
I will take pleasure and I will exult in you
I will make music to your name Most High

ב By turning my enemy back
let them stumble and perish from your presence
For you have made my judgment and my case
You have remained enthroned judging right

ג God, you rebuked the nations
You made violence perish
You have erased their name forever and ever
ה Here the enemy is completed
ruins enduring and cities you have destroyed
Perished is their memory of them

ו Verily, יְהוָה for ever remains
He has put right his throne for justice
And he will govern the world in righteousness
He will make the case for the peoples with equity
and יְהוָה will be secure refuge for the crushed
secure refuge in times in trouble
and they will trust in you knowing your name
for you יְהוָה do not leave those seeking you

ז Zion in Zion where יְהוָה dwells
Let all make music
Make known among the peoples his prodigality
for seeking the lives of those he remembers
He does not forget the cry of the afflicted

ח Have mercy on me יְהוָה, consider my affliction, those despising me
Lift me up from the gates of death
so that I will declare all your songs of praise
in the gates of the daughter of Zion
I will rejoice in your salvation

ט The nations are sunk into the depth they made
in this net they hid their foot is seized
יְהוָה is known
Judgment he makes
In the work of his hands he struck the wicked
Music Selah
י Into their place of the dead the wicked will turn
all nations that forget God
כ Causes of the needy will not always be forgotten
Hope of the poor will not perish for ever

Arise יְהוָה, humanity is not strong
Let the nations be judged in your presence
Put יְהוָה reverence in them
Let the nations know their humanity
יְהוָה ל LORD why do you stand in the distance
concealing yourself at times of distress?
מ, נ, ס, ע, פ, צ
In pride criminal burns poor
Let them be caught in the purposes that they have valued
For criminal boasted in the desire of his being
and blessed gain by violence that יְהוָה spurns
Criminal looks down his unseeking nose
There is no God in all his purposes
His ways are twisted in all times
High is your judgment, out of his sight
All his foes, he snorts at them
He said in his heart I will not be moved
I am not in trouble from generation to generation
He swears
his mouth full of treachery and oppression
under his tongue mischief and emptiness
He sits lying in wait in the villages hiding places
He kills the innocent
his eyes taking in the hapless secretly
He lies in wait in his covering
like a lion in its lair
He lies in wait to seize the poor
He seizes the poor
He draws him into his net
He crushes
He is collapsed
and he falls pierced by his mighty ones
He said in his heart God has forgotten
He hides his face
He will never see

ק Quash! יְהוָה God
Lift up your hand
He will not forget the poor
Since when does criminal spurn God?
He said in his heart - He will not search

ר Regard you will, for you take notice of trouble and grief to repay by your hand
To you the poor will commit
and the orphan you will help

שׁ Shatter the arm of criminal and evil one and seek out his wickedness till none is found
יְהוָה is king everlasting and for ever
Perished are the nations from his land

ת The desire of the poor you have heard
יְהוָה prepare their heart
You will make your ears hear to judge orphan and the crushed

Humanity that is from the earth will not continue oppression

9:6 God - added for the acrostic, not in the Hebrew, similarly 'verily' in verse 8, and Zion repeated verse 12.
10:1 the lamedh is in the substitution LORD for the tetragrammeton. Hashem or YHWH won't do it in this case.
10:12 quash is chosen for the acrostic, the Hebrew is Arise as at the end of Psalm 9.]

About the world
Psalm --9 ט will govern the world יִשְׁפֹּט תֵּבֵל
Psalm -18 יד world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -24 א a world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -77 יט the world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -89 יב The world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -93 א the world will not slip תֵּבֵל בַּל תִּמּוֹט
Psalm -96 י the world not to be moved תֵּבֵל בַּל תִּמּוֹט
Psalm -96 יג he will judge the world יִשְׁפֹּט תֵּבֵל
Psalm -97 ד the world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -98 ז the world תֵּבֵל
Psalm -98 ט he will judge the world יִשְׁפֹּט תֵּבֵל

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