Friday, June 20, 2008

The next circle

True to my prior post on the second great circle, I will attempt a patterned translation of Psalms 3-5 then to follow, Psalms 6, 42, 86, and 143. These represent personal psalms, the personal encircled by the promise in the first great circle (1,2,149). In the following psalms, I use יְהוָה for the Name. 'The Name' does not work as vocative. Read aloud substituting Hashem or Adonai or O Lord / Lord / the Lord or whatever is your own practice.

Again there is deliberate play on the many and the one, who now takes on additional properties - beloved, righteous, reserved.

There are many verbal connections in the Psalms 3-5 with Psalms 1,2 and 149. I hope you can hear them in the English. They are in the Hebrew but not explicit with respect to sound in any translation I have yet seen. So in translation philosophies, I advocate a pattern matching approach.

A Psalm of David, when he fled from the face of Absalom his son.

יְהוָה, how many my straits!
Many rising against me
Many saying of my life
'There is no victory for him in God'
But you, יְהוָה, a shield about me
my glory, and raising my head
My voice, to יְהוָה I call
and he answers me
from the hill of his holiness
I lie down, and I sleep
I awake, for יְהוָה sustains me
I am not afraid of the many many people
surrounding, set against me

Arise, יְהוָה
save me, my God
for you strike all my enemies on the cheek
teeth of the many wicked broken
To יְהוָה is victory
To your people your blessing

For the leader with strings A Psalm of David

When I call answer me
my God my upright
In straits you have made room for me
Be compassionate and hear my prayer

My human child, how long will you insult my glory?
your loving on empty? your seeking a lie?
Now set down this: יְהוָה reserved
the beloved as his own
יְהוָה will hear when I call to him
Tremble and do not be missing the goal
speak with your heart
on your bed and be still
Offer offerings of righteousness
and trust in יְהוָה
Many say who will show us good?
Prove to us the light of your face יְהוָה!
You have put joy in my heart
more than when their grain
and their new wine increased
In peace as one I will lie down and sleep
for you יְהוָה in solitude in safety make me live

For the leader On the flutes A Psalm of David
To my words give ear יְהוָה
Discern my meditation
Listen to the voice of my cry
my king and my God
for to you I pray
יְהוָה, morning will hear my voice
Morning I will set forth to you
and I will be observant

For you are not a God of pleasure in wickedness
You do not entertain evil
Boasters have no station before your eyes
You hate all workers of trouble
You will destroy speakers of a lie
A man of blood and deceit you will abhor, יְהוָה

But I, in the greatness of your loving kindness
will enter your house
I will adore in your holy temple
in your fear
יְהוָה lead me in your righteousness
on account of my watchers
straight in my face be your way

For there is no stability in their mouth
their belly is a chasm
an open sepulcher their neck
their tongue deceives

Declare them guilty O God
let them lie by their devices
in their many faults banish them
for they rebelled against you

And they will rejoice
All those under your protection through the age
They will cry aloud and you will be cover to them
and they will exult in you
loving your name
For you will bless a righteous one יְהוָה
with a thorn of approval you will crown him

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