Saturday, November 22, 2008

Psalm 23

This is a favourite of many. My translation of years ago has undone some of its piety. I think it should be recognized that not everything is green pasture and still water when the table is set in the midst of enemies and when the rod and staff are instruments of reproving mercy. Nonetheless the result is satisfactory.

A Psalm of David
יְהוָה is my shepherd
no deficiency will I have
In sprouting pastures he make me lie down
by waters at rest he refreshes me
my life he repairs
He guides me entrenched right
on account of his name
Furthermore even if I walk in the valley shadowing death
no fear have I of evil
for you are with me
your rod and your staff they re-create me
You array before me a table facing my distress
You sate with oil my head
my vessel is full
Surely goodness and reproof hunt me all my days life
and I shall settle in the house of יְהוָה for long days

Of sheep and shepherd

Psalm -23 א The LORD my shepherd יְהוָה רֹעִי
Psalm -28 ט and shepherd them וּרְעֵם
Psalm -44 יב like sheep כְּצֹאן
Psalm -44 כג as sheep for כְּצֹאן
Psalm -49 יד like sheep כַּצֹּאן
Psalm -74 א against the sheep of בְּצֹאן
Psalm -78 נב like sheep כַּצֹּאן
Psalm -78 ע from the sheepfolds of מִמִּכְלְאֹת
Psalm -80 ב shepherd of רֹעֵה
Psalm -95 ז and the sheep of his hand וְצֹאן יָדוֹ
Psalm 100 ג and sheep of וְצֹאן
Psalm 119-Ts-T קעו am like a sheep כְּשֶׂה
Psalm 144 יג our sheep צֹאונֵנוּ


Anonymous said...

I think I figured out how to leave comments without a google account :)

This is amazing! And also sad considering how today's Bible translations are not even coming close to the depth of what David was really saying with his psalm! Bob, I seriously appreciate your work so much and I can learn so much more from what the Bible actually says. It goes so deep.
I hope we can get together for another hebrew lesson soon. Probably some time next week would be great!!


Bob MacDonald said...

Steph - it is good to see your comment - I hope you enjoy the translations. Feel free to challenge them.