Sunday, June 22, 2008

Psalms 6 and 143

The second great opening and closing parentheses: Psalms 3-6 and 143 should not include Psalms 42 and 86 as I had previously noted. These two psalms surround the Elohist Psalter and at least 42 will require a different voice since it is of Korah rather than David.

This second great circle perhaps should include the Davidic psalms 140-143. I will get to them eventually and will see if these pillars are like the cathedral at Köln with their four components each.

Note: there are many words rooted in צר which I have earlier rendered with straits - narrow places rather than enemies or troubles - but here I have to move to the stress and distress - I would like to keep the relationship because of the structural significance in the opening and closing brackets - so I may have to get rid of straits earlier unless the alliteration suggests the connection. I probably should remove the hem hem (hymn him) too. Just looking for the right patter for the pattern.

Psalm 6
For the leader on strings in octaves A Psalm of David
יְהוָה do not in your wrath rebuke me
and do not in anger chastise me
Have mercy on me יְהוָה, for I am feeble
Heal me יְהוָה, for vexed are my bones
And my being is vexed much
and you יְהוָה, how long?

Turn יְהוָה deliver my being
Save for the sake of your loving kindness
For there is not in death remembrance of you
in the grave who will give you thanks?

I am weary with my groaning
I swim every night in my bed
with my tears my couch I water
consumed from grief my eye ages in all my straits

Leave me all workers of sorrow
for יְהוָה has heard the voice of my weeping
יְהוָה hears my supplication
יְהוָה my prayer will receive
Shamed and vexed much all my enemies
let them turn and be ashamed suddenly.
Psalm 143 A Psalm Of David
יְהוָה hear my prayer
listen to my supplication
in your faithfulness answer me in your righteousness
and do not go to judgment with your servant
for no one living is upright in your presence

For an enemy pursues my being
crushed in the earth my life
he consigns me to darkness as those dead for ever
so disabled in me is my spirit
in my center wasted is my heart

I remember the days from before
I meditate on all your doings
on the works of your hands I muse
I spread my hands to you
my being as thirsty ground for you
Quickly hear me יְהוָה
my spirit faints
do not hide your presence from me
lest I be alike with those going down to a pit
Make me hear in the morning your loving kindness
for in you is my trust
make me know the way that I should walk
for to you I lift up my being

Deliver me from my enemies יְהוָה
in you I am covered
Teach me the acts of your pleasure
for you are my God
Your good Spirit will lead me
in an upright land

For the sake of your name יְהוָה
let me live in your righteousness
let me exit from the stresses of my being
and in your loving kindness put an end to my enemies
destroy all those distressing my being for I am your servant.

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