Friday, December 26, 2008

Psalm 135

Hallelu Yah
Praise the name of יְהוָה
Praise him servants of יְהוָה
who stand in the house of יְהוָה
in the courts of the house of our God
Hallelu Yah
for יְהוָה is good
make music to his name for beauty
for Yah has chosen Jacob for himself
Israel for his own treasure

for I myself know יְהוָה is great
and our Lord than all the gods
all that pleased יְהוָה he did
in the heavens and in the earth
in the seas and all deeps

bringing the mist from the ends of the earth
lightnings for the rain he made
delivering the wind out of his treasury

who struck the firstborn of Egypt both human and animal
He set miracles and wonders to your belly O Egypt
to Pharaoh and to all his servants
who chastised great nations and destroyed countless kings

so Sihon king of the Amorites
and so Og king of fruitful Bashan
and so all the kings of lowland Caanan
and gave their lands as inheritance
an inheritance to Israel his people

יְהוָה your name is for ever
יְהוָה your memory from age to age
for יְהוָה will govern his people
and all his servants he will console

The pained fetishes of the nations are silver and gold
the works of the hands of earthlings
a mouth they have but they don't speak
eyes they have but they don't see
ears they have but they don't listen

ha! no spirit being there in their mouths
those who make them become like them
and all who trust in them

House of Israel bless יְהוָה
House of Aaron bless יְהוָה
House of Levi bless יְהוָה
Those fearing יְהוָה bless יְהוָה
Blessed be יְהוָה from Zion dwelling in Jerusalem
Hallelu Yah

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