Saturday, July 19, 2008


Here is Psalm 7. The work divides in four based on the usage of the invocation of the names.
יְהוָה my God begins the first and second verse
יְהוָה section follows (with one separated 'my God')
God section is in the middle - without the pronoun
יְהוָה section completes

A reel of David who sang to יְהוָה about the words of Cush of Benjamin

יְהוָה my God in you I have sheltered
save me from all my persecutions and deliver me
or he will seize like a lion my throat
tearing apart and there is none rescuing

יְהוָה my God if I have done this
if there is injustice in the palm of my hand
If I have paid back evil to one who is at peace with me
and have withdrawn empty from one who troubles me
let an enemy persecute me and slit my throat
and take and trample my life on earth
and make my glory to dwell in the dust
Arise יְהוָה in your anger,
be lifted up in the outbursts of my foe
and awake my God
judgment you command

So a congregation of people encircle you
and for her to the heights return

יְהוָה shall judge the peoples
Judge me יְהוָה for my righteousness and my completeness in me

Mature, I pray, the evil of the wicked
and steady the righteous
and test hearts and vital centres
O God of righteousness
My shield is of God delivering the upright of heart
God judges right and God is indignant every day

If he will not turn he will sharpen his sword
his bow he bends and will aim
and for him he has prepared
consuming means of death
his arrow for burnings he will make

Behold he will bind sorrow and has conceived toil
and will bear falsehood
A pit he will dig and will explore it
and will fall into the depths that he worked
He will return his toil on his head
and on his scalp his violence will descend

I will praise יְהוָה for his righteousness
and I will sing the name of יְהוָה on high

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