Monday, December 15, 2008

Psalm 66

Between the two promises of harvest by the fruit of the earth, we have a personal testimonial to the faithfulness of God. From the mouth of one individual, all the nations are to learn praise. (I have chosen 'direct' as the translation of שומה after watching my daughter direct the Ely and Selwyn choirs in such glorious praise.)

Update: there are 4 invitations to everyone - be joyful, come and see, bless, come and hear. I am reading it with the interpretation of Israel as an icon of Christ. The movement from plural to singular leaves open the interpretation of the incarnation of an individual who will sum up the fullness of the anointing in his suffering.

For the leader
A song
A Psalm
Be joyful in God all the earth
Sing the glory of his name
direct the glory of his praise
Speak to God
How fearful your deeds
In the greatness of your strength
your enemies will submit to you
All the earth will bow down to you and will sing to you
and they will sing your name
Come and see the works of God
fearful deed to the children of dust
he turned a sea to what is dry
the river they went through on foot
there we rejoiced in him
ruling in his power always
his eyes watch in the nations
the trouble makers will not exalt for themselves
Bless, O peoples, our God
and make the voice of his praise heard
who holds our beings in their lives
and he does not let our feet slip

for you have examined us O God
you have tried us as silver is tried
you bring us into the net
you hold compression on our loins
you made humanity ride over our heads
you bring us through the fire and through the water
but you have delivered us to fullness

I will bring into your house burnt offerings
I will complete for you my vows
which my lips have set free
and my mouth spoke in the trouble that was mine
Whole offerings of marrow I will offer to you
with incense of a ram
and I will do cattle and goats
come and hear all who fear God
and I will declare what he has done for my being
To him my mouth called
and he is exalted under my tongue
If I consider iniquity in my heart
the Lord will not hear

Truly God has heard
he attends to the voice of my prayer
Blessed be God who does not turn away my prayer
and his mercy from me

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