Sunday, November 23, 2008

Psalm 94

God of vengeance יְהוָה
God of vengeance shine
Lift up yourself judge of the earth
return reward to the proud
how long for the wicked יְהוָה?
how long will the wicked triumph?

they bubble up
they speak arrogance
they boast all the deeds of iniquity
they break your people יְהוָה
they oppress your inheritance

widow and stranger they slay
and the orphan they murder
and they say
Yah will not see
and the God of Jacob will not consider it

Consider, consumers among the people and foolish
when will you be prudent?
the one who planted the ear will he not hear?
the one forming the eye will he not see?
the one that corrects nations will he not be right?
the one who teaches a human knowledge ...

יְהוָה knows the thoughts of a human
that they are emptiness
Happy the strong one whom you chasten Yah
and from your instruction you teach them
to give quiet to him in the days of evil until
a pit is dug for the wicked

for יְהוָה will not cast off his people
and his inheritance he will not forsake
for to righteousness judgment will turn
and after it all the upright of heart

who will arise for me with the evildoers
who will stand for me with the workers of iniquity
unless יְהוָה was help to me
my being lived silent and insignificant
If I said
my foot slips
your mercy יְהוָה supported me
In the many divisions within me
your consolations delight my being

has the throne of ruin fellowship with you
forming trouble by statute?
they assemble against the being of a righteous one
and the blood of an innocent condemn

but יְהוָה will be to me a defense
and my God a rock of refuge
and he will turn their iniquity on them
and in their wickedness he will cut them off
יְהוָה our God - he will cut them off

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