Saturday, December 20, 2008

Psalm 77

For the leader
for Jeduthun (see also Psalm 39 and Psalm 62)
of Asaph a Psalm

my voice to God
I called
my voice to God
and he listened to me

in the day of my distress I searched out the Lord
my hand by night stretched out without ceasing
my soul refused to be comforted
I remember God and I was troubled
I ponder and my spirit faints away
you have grasped my waking eyes
I am disturbed and I will not speak
I have thought of the days of old
the years of the ages past
I remember my song in the night
in my heart I ponder and I am diligent in my spirit

in the ages to come will the Lord reject?
will he never again be favorable?
has his mercy ceased in perpetuity?
a word from generation to generation ended?
has the One forgotten grace?
as if his tender mercies were shut up in anger?
I say this is my entreaty
the years of the right hand of the Most High
I will remember the deeds of Yah
for I remember from of old your wonders
and I will muse on all your acts
and in your doings I ponder

God in holiness is your way
Who is a god as great as God?
You are the One doing a wonder
you make your strength known among the people
You redeemed your people with an arm
the children of Jacob and Joseph
The waters saw you O God
the waters saw you and they writhed
indeed they trembled
the depths were disturbed

Darkness poured out waters
the skies sent out a voice
indeed your arrows also walked about

The voice of your thunder in the whirlwind
the lightnings lightened the world
the earth trembled and shook

In the sea is your way
and your trail is in the great waters
and your footprints were not known
You guided as a flock your people
by the hand of Moses and Aaron

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