Monday, November 17, 2008

The Royals - 132

A song of the steps
יְהוָה Remember David and all his troubles
he who promised to יְהוָה
vowed to the strong one of Jacob
I will not enter the tent of my house
nor will I go up to my bed chamber
nor will I let my eyes sleep
my eyelids slumber
until I secure a place for יְהוָה
a dwelling-place for the Mighty One of Jacob

So we heard of it in Ephratha
and we have found it in the fields of the wood
we will go into his dwelling place
we will worship at his footstool

Arise יְהוָה into your rest
you and the ark of your strength
your priests be clothed with justice
and your beloved shout for joy
for the sake of David your servant
do not turn away the presence of your anointed

יְהוָה has sworn truth to David
he will not turn from it
of the fruit of your belly I will set on your throne
if your children will keep my covenant
and my testimonies that I will teach them
their children also for ever will sit on your throne
for יְהוָה has chosen Zion
He desires for a dwelling-place for himself

This is my rest
for ever here will I stay
for it is my pleasure
blessing her provision I will bless
and her poor I will satisfy with bread
and her priests I will clothe with salvation
and her mercied ones will shout with joy

There I will cause a horn Of David to sprout
I have set a lamp for my anointed
her enemies I will clothe with shame
but on him his crown will flourish

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