Saturday, November 29, 2008

Psalm 54

This very short psalm almost seems like a sketch for the longer one to follow -made famous from the setting of Felix Mendelssohn.

For the leader
on strings
an insight Of David
Here come the Zipites and they said to Saul, Doesn't that David hide himself with us?

O God by your name save me
and by your strength contend for me
O God hear my prayer
and give ear to the words of my mouth
for strangers are risen up against me
and oppressors demand my life
they have not set God before them
behold God is my help
The Lord is with the supporters of my life
He will return the evil to my watchers
In your truth cut them off
a freewill offering I will give to you
I will praise your name יְהוָה for good
for from all trouble he has delivered me
and my eye has seen concerning my enemies

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