Sunday, November 02, 2008

Psalm 60 - the last of the miktamim

This is a very strange poem. Perhaps it should be said in these trying times. [Update - Dec 16th - especially after yesterday's flinging of sandals in Iraq.]

For the leader on a lily
a testimony
a miktam of David
for teaching

in his war with the exalted of the two rivers
and with the exalted of station
when Joab returned and struck Edom
12 thousand in the salt gorge

God you have rejected us
you have broken us open
you are angry
return to us
you have made the earth tremble
you break it
heal her fractures for she is moved

you show severity to your people
you make us drink an intoxicating wine
you give a sign to those fearing you
to take flight from the face of certainty
so that your beloved may be delivered
Save with your right hand and hear me

God spoke in his holiness
I will rejoice
I will divide Shechem
and the valley of Sukkoth I will measure
Gilead is mine and mine Manasseh
and Ephraim the strength of my head
Judah is my lawgiver
Moab is my washpot
on Edom I will fling my sandal
Philistia shout to me
Who will bring me a city entrenched?
Who will lead me to Edom?

Will not you O God reject us?
and not come out O God with our hosts?
Provide help in trouble
the salvation of a human is empty
In God we will triumph
for he will trample our troubles

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