Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Royals - 45 - a song of loves

Who are the actors in this poem? Who is the writer? A court journalist? Who is being addressed? There seem to be many actors. Why is this one of the 13 insights? (מַשְׂכִּיל ) Are these insights a structural marker, a deliberate sequence in the Psalter? The KJV has such glorious language, and so richly set in the Coronation anthems by Handel. I can't get the music out of my head as I read the words - My heart is inditing. This is not an easy translation. I have coloured the nouns and pronouns as I imagine the characters. Still very rough.

This is one of three psalms (45, 69, 80) at the place of lilies (4 if you count psalm 60 on a lily). Clearly much of the pageantry can be applied and has been applied to Christ by the writers of the New Testament and in the Church. The lilies invoke the Song of Songs.

For the leader
at the place of lilies
of the children of Korah
an insight
a song of loves

My heart stirs about a good thing
I speak from what I have done concerning a king
my tongue is a pen writing impetuously
you are beautiful among the children of humanity
graciousness poured into your lips
therefore God has blessed you for ever

Wear your sword on a thigh mighty one
your splendour and your honour
and let your honour advance for the word of truth
and gentleness of righteousness
and your right hand will teach you fearful things
your arrows sharp
peoples under you fall
as the heart of the enemies of the king

Your throne O God is now and for ever
a sceptre of equity the sceptre of your kingdom
You have loved righteousness and hate wickedness
therefore God your God has anointed you
with oil of rejoicing with your companions

myrrh and aloes, cassia
all your garments from palaces of ivory
lutes make you glad
kings' daughters are among your highly valued
a consort is placed at your right hand in gold of Ophir

Hear daughter and see and bend your ear
and forget your people and your father's house
and the king desires your beauty
for he is your Lord so worship him
And the daughter of Tyre with an offering
the rich among people entreat your presence

The king's daughter all glorious within
filigreed gold her raiment
in embroideries she will be brought to the king
Virgins her associates following are introduced to you
they will be brought with exultation and rejoicing
they will enter the king's palace

Instead of your fathers shall be your children
you will make them rulers in all the earth
I will make your name remembered for all generations
Therefore peoples will praise you now and for ever

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