Friday, November 28, 2008

Psalm 32

What is David's insight? The opening sounds a bit like Snoopy dancing! Then there is a shadow of the fear of self-deception. Then - the recognition that silence is not an option. It seems to me that the phrase: בַּל קְרֹב אֵלֶֽיךָ (that they will not come near to you) gives away the secret. The one to whom David prays wants David near to him. David - and anyone in that frame (Romans 4:6) - has gone from the sorrow of the wicked one (singular) to one circled by mercy.

Of David
an insight
happy lifted up transgression
covered sin
happy the human to whom יְהוָה will not consider iniquity
and there is no deceit in his spirit

for I kept silent
wore out my bones in my groaning all the day long
for your hand was heavy on me day and night
my moisture was changed into the drought of summer
I made known my sin to you
and my iniquity I did not cover
I said I will confess in me my transgressions to יְהוָה
and you lifted the iniquity of my sin
for this all those under mercy will pray to you in a found moment
surely the floods of the great waters will not touch them
you are my hiding place
from trouble you guard me
with a shout of escape you encircle me
I will give you insight and direct you
in this way you will go
I will guide you with my eye
do not be like a horse
like a mule without understanding
their trappings are held with bit and bridle
or they will not come near to you

great sorrows for the wicked one
but mercy encircles the one trusting in יְהוָה
be glad in יְהוָה and sing righteous ones
and shout for joy all upright of heart

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