Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Acrostics (4)

Psalm -37. I offer this smoothed out version without color coding. Are there circles of thought here? Is there something surrounded by them? On the surface, the psalm seems like good moral instruction. But what is primary is the engagement with the one who bears the Holy Name: trust, alignment, endurance, stillness, expectation, completeness, and steadfastness. These are the instructions for the human side of the engagement. On the divine side are a host of promises and results. Do we have here a clear intimation of the fruits of the Spirit?

Of David
about evildoers do not fuss yourself
do not be jealous over workers of injustice
for like grass they will quickly wither
and like green foliage they will languish

be trusting in יְהוָה and do good
you will live in the land and pasture in faith
gently delight exquisitely in יְהוָה and he will give you the desires of your heart

get your way with יְהוָה and trust in him and he will make things happen
and he will bring your righteousness as light and your judgment as the midday

dumb - mute - be still in יְהוָה
endure your birth in him
do not fuss over one who prospers in his way
of someone working schemes

have done with anger and give up wrath
do not fuss in any way to do evil for evildoers will be cut off
but those waiting for יְהוָה will inherit the land

verily yet a little and there is no wicked
and you will consider carefully concerning his place and that he is not
and the poor will inherit the land and will delight exquisitely in great peace

zoning in are the wicked against the righteous and they gnash against him with their teeth
my Lord laughs at them for he sees that their day is coming

ha! the wicked have drawn a sword and bent their bow to make poor and needy fall
to slay those whose way is upright
their sword will enter their own heart and their bows will be broken

the little good of the righteous one is better than the tumult of the many wicked
for the arms of the wicked will be broken but יְהוָה supports the righteous

יְהוָה intimates the days of the complete and their inheritance will be for ever
they will not be ashamed in a time of evil and in days of famine they will be satisfied

cause the wicked will perish and the enemies of יְהוָה
as the prized fat of lambs they will find their end
in smoke they will find their end

loaned to is the wicked one and he will not repay but the righteous is merciful and giving
for from his blessing they inherit land
in his denial they are cut off

made from יְהוָה are the steps of a warrior and he will take pleasure in his way
for he will not fall thrown down for יְהוָה supports with his hand

now old I have been young but I have not seen the righteous forsaken
and his seed seeking bread
all the day he is merciful and lending and his seed blessed

stay from evil and do good and live for ever
for יְהוָה loves judgment and does not forsake those of his mercy
for ever they are kept but the seed of the wicked will be cut off

those righteous ones will inherit land and live endlessly
there the mouth of the righteous will meditate wisdom and his tongue will speak judgment
the teaching of his God in his heart
his goings are not unstable

the wicked spies on the righteous and seeks to put him to death
יְהוָה will not abandon the one in his hand and will not condemn him when he is judged

quietly wait on יְהוָה and keep his way and he will lift you up to inherit the land
and you will see the wicked are cut off

ruthless I have seen the wicked and spreading like a luxuriant bay tree
yet he will pass on and then he is not
and I looked for him and he could not be found

shelter the complete and note the upright for the end of this one is peace
for transgressors will be destroyed together
the end of the wicked will be cut off

the salvation of the righteous is from יְהוָה
from their strength in a time of trouble
and יְהוָה will help them and will deliver them
he will deliver them from the wicked and save them for they take refuge in him

Notes: land (or earth) is never with the definite article but requires it in English. I.e., this psalm does not imply 'the' land.

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