Friday, November 28, 2008

Psalm 38

If ever there was an argument for total depravity, it is here. The reminder of Psalm 6 is direct. The awareness of God's rebuke is in fact, a comfort. One can almost laugh at the concatenation of calamitous insights into the psalmist's character. (... and there is no health in us ...) But folks - this is not traditional piety - and God saves - otherwise the poet would not have bothered. In fact, this psalm carries more weight for the one who will suffer than all the others to date.

A Psalm
of David
to remember
יְהוָה - rebuke me not in your anger
or in heat correct me
for your arrows penetrate into me
and your hand pins me
there is no depth in my flesh
in the face of your indignation
there is no peace in my bones
in the face of my sin

for my iniquities pass over my head
as a load that is heavy
they are heavy for me
they stink and they rot my wounds
in the face of my folly I am troubled
I am bowed down greatly
wan I walk all the day long
for my stupidity is a thorough disgrace
and there is no depth in my flesh
I am numbed
I am crushed greatly
I have roared from the groaning of my heart

Lord before you are all my desires
and my sighing from you is not hid

my heart palpitates
my strength forsakes me
and the light of my eyes
even it is not with me
my lovers and my friends stand aloof from my contagion
and my family from afar they stand
and those demanding my life lay snares
and those seeking my hurt speak ruin and deceits
all day long they imagine
but I myself as deaf will not hear
and as mute I will not open my mouth
and I became as one who does not hear
and there are not any arguments in his mouth

for in you יְהוָה do I hope
you will respond O Lord my God
for I said ...
lest they rejoice over me
in my misstep they magnify themselves against me

for I myself prepared for stumbling
and my sorrow is continually before me
for I will make known my iniquity
I will be anxious for my sin
but my enemies are alive
and they are numerous
and those hating me falsely are many
and those completing evil for good are my accusers
because I follow good

do not forsake me יְהוָה my God
do not be far from me
haste to help me O Lord my salvation

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