Saturday, December 27, 2008

Psalm 114

This psalm has neither heading nor sound of praise. I have several piles of psalms without particular structural significance - still hidden in the chart. How does Psalm 107 get to 110? Why are there hallels in various spots in this book? I am thinking that a study of verb usage might yield some fruit - I hope to pursue it in the new year as part of a third pass that may reveal some more 'logic' in the editing of the psalter.

When Israel came out from Egypt
the house of Jacob from strange speakers
Judah became his sanctuary
Israel his parables

the sea saw and fled
the Jordan was driven back
the hills skipped like rams
the little hills like lambkin

what is it to you sea that you fled
Jordan that you were driven back
hills that you skipped like rams
little hills like lambkin?

from the presence of the Lord tremble O earth
from the presence of the God of Jacob
who turns the rock into troubled waters
the flint into a fountain of waters

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