Monday, November 17, 2008

The Royals - 68

This psalm got much blog-press last year in BS Carnival XXII.

For the leader
Of David
A Psalm
A song
God will arise and his enemies will be scattered
and those hating him will flee from his presence
you will drive as driven smoke
as melting wax in the presence of fire
the wicked will perish before the presence of God
but the righteous will be glad
they will rejoice in the presence of God
and they will delight in gladness

Sing to God
make music to his name
exalt the one riding in the deserts
by Yah his name
and exult in his presence
a father of orphans
and advocate of widows
God in the habitation of his holiness
God placing the lonely in a household
delivering those bound in chains
surely the rebellious will live in a scorched place
O God
when you go forth in the presence of your people
when you march in a desolate place
Earth quaked
indeed the heavens dropped in the presence of God
(this is Sinai) in the presence of God, the God of Israel
Rain in plenty you sent, O God
you yourself established your property in spite of her impatience
Those you gave life dwell there
You will establish of your goodness for the poor O God

My Lord gave a word
the women publishing are a great host
kings of hosts ride away ride away
she who remained at home shared the spoil
if you rest between the ash-heaps
the wings of a dove covered with silver
and her feathers with yellow-green gold
the Almighty will spread the kings there white as snow in Salmon

The hill of God
the hill of Bashan
the hill of mountain peaks
the hill of Bashan
Why be jealous O hills of mountain peaks
This hill is God's delight for his dwelling
Indeed, יְהוָה will make his tent here in perpetuity

the chariot of God - tens of thousands, thousands, myriads
the Lord is there, Sinai, in the holy place
you are gone up on high
captives you have captured
you have received the gifts of humanity
even the rebellious, in the tent of Yah God

Blessed is the Lord
day by day he carries us
the God of our salvation
Our God is the God of victories
and to יְהוָה the Lord are the exeunts from death
surely God will wound the head of his enemies
the crown of hair of one walking in his offense
The Lord said, from Bashan I will bring back
I will bring back from the depths of the sea
so that you will wound your foot
the tongue of your dogs in blood
from the enemies of his portion
they have seen your processions O God
the processions of my God my king in the holy place
singers precede after them the players
in the midst the young women playing tambourine

Bless you God my Lord in the congregations
from the fountain of Israel
There is little Benjamin, ruler
the princes of Judah and their crowd
the princes of Zebulun
the princes of Naphtali
your God commanded your strength
strengthen O God what you have done for us

Because of your temple at Jerusalem
to you kings will bring presents
rebuke the animal of the reeds
the testimony of bulls with the calves of the peoples
submitting themselves in bits of silver
he will disperse peoples delighting in battles
ambassadors will come from out of Egypt
Ethiopia will stretch his hands to God
kingdoms of the earth sing to God
make music to my Lord
To the one riding in the heaven of heavens of old
Lo he gives in his voice a voice of strength
give strength to God
his pride over Israel
and his strength in the firmament
God feared because of your sanctuary
The God of Israel
he gives strength and numbers to the people
bless God
Note wound anticipates Psalm 110 - another royal psalm, occurring also in Psalm 18.
(this is Sinai) [Fishbane, Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel - vs 9 corrected per his note on scribal explicative glosses]

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