Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Psalm 26

Of David
Judge me יְהוָה
for I myself have walked in my completeness
and in יְהוָה I trust
I will not slip
Try me יְהוָה
and prove me
test my centre and my heart
for your loving kindness is before my eyes
and I myself have walked in your truth

I have not sat with vain persons
and with the secretive I will not go
I have hated an evil congregation
and with the wicked I will not sit
I will wash my hand in innocence
so I will go about your altar יְהוָה
to proclaim with a voice of praise
and to relate all your wonders

יְהוָה I have loved the habitation of your house
and the place of the dwelling of your glory
let not my being be gathered with sinners
or my life with men of blood
whose mischief is in their hands
and their right hand holds a bribe

But I myself will walk in my completeness
Ransom me and have mercy on me
My foot stands in a level place
and in the congregations I will bless יְהוָה

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