Saturday, December 13, 2008

Psalm 64

For the leader
A Psalm
Of David
Hear O God my voice in my musing
from the fear of an enemy guard my life
you will hide me from the deliberations of those doing evil
from the conspiracy of workers of iniquity

who whet their tongue as a sword
they direct their arrow a bitter word
in secret to shoot the complete
suddenly they shoot and they do not fear

they strengthen themselves with a word of evil
they recount the buried traps
they say who will see it

they plan injustice
they complete a master plan
of the inner person and deep heart

but God will shoot an arrow at them
suddenly they become their defeat
and they will be tongue-tied

all who see them will disperse
and all flesh will fear and will declare the work of God
and his deed they will ponder

the righteous will rejoice in יְהוָה
and will seek refuge in him
and all the upright of heart will shine

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