Monday, November 17, 2008

The Royals - 47 and 48

What can we make of DBR - speak - as subdue? (Psalm 47:3) What does God do to peoples 'under us'? Beat them up? Scare them off? That would hardly be praise with insight.

For the leader
of the children of Korah
A Psalm
All the peoples clap your hands
Raise a shout to God with a voice of joy
for יְהוָה Most High is fearful
a great king in all the earth
he will promise, O peoples under us
and to those under our feet
he will decide our inheritance for us
the pride of Jacob whom he loved
God has gone up with a shout of jubilation
יְהוָה with the voice of a shophar
Sing praises to God sing praises
sing praises to our king sing praises
for God is the king of all the earth
Sing praises with insight
God rules over nations
God sits on his holy throne

The nobles of the peoples are assembled
the people of the God of Abraham
for the shields of earth belong to God
he is greatly exalted

A song
A Psalm of the children of Korah
Great is יְהוָה and much to be praised
in the city of our God
His holy hill
beautiful in elevation
the joy of all the earth
the hill of Zion
the sides of the North
the town of a great king
God in her palaces is made known
in a secure refuge
for here the kings were assembled
they passed by as one
These they saw and they marveled
they were troubled
they hastened away
Trembling took hold of them there
as the pain of birth
in the wind of the east you break the ships of Tarshish
as we have heard so we will see
in the city of יְהוָה of Hosts
the city of our God
God will establish it to the end of the age
We have considered O God your loving-kindness
in the midst of your temple
As your name O God
so your praises to the ends of the earth
righteousness fills your hand
Let the hill of Zion rejoice
Let the daughters of Judah be glad because of your judgments

Walk around Zion
encompass her
count her towers
mark by heart her ramparts
consider her palaces
so you may recount it to a generation to come
for this God is our God to the age and beyond
He will be our guide to death

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