Saturday, November 01, 2008

Psalm 75 - Do not destroy

Along with three of the Miktamim, Psalm 75 has the title 'do not destroy'. Why? you say. These 4 psalms, and the Miktamim and the 13 songs of insight see more deeply into the mystery of the cosmos than any other combined set. (Really! - how do you know that?)

Unprovable - but let's see what happens when we eat this crispy inner edge of the psalms. (To find a voice, eschew explanation. Meaning is transcended by presence. Struggle with the strangeness of the words.)

Who am I? (Update: read psalm 74 also)

For the leader, do not destroy
A Psalm, of Asaph
A song
We give thanks to you O God we give thanks
for your name is near as your wonders declare
for I will receive it at the appointed time
I myself
will judge equities
Melted is earth and all her inhabitants
I myself
balance its pillars
I said to the boastful
do not boast
to the wicked
do not exalt the horn
do not exalt to the heights your horn
or speak with a thrust of the neck
for exaltation does not go out from the west
nor from the wilderness
for God is judge
this one he humbles and this one he exalts

for there is a cup in the hand of יְהוָה
and the wine is red
full of mixture
and he pours out from it
and all the wicked of the earth will drain its dregs and drink

but I myself
I will declare for ever
I will make music to the God of Jacob
for all the horns of the wicked I will chop off
I will exalt the horns of the righteous

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