Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Last Acrostic - Zonked by Psalm 145

A praise of David

I will lift you up my God the king
I will bless your name always and ever
Bless you I will in every day
and I will praise your name always and ever

Great is יְהוָה and much to be praised
and his greatness is beyond searching
Down through the ages the praise of your works
and your might will be conspicuous
Honor, glory, and of your strength I speak
your wonders I voice

Vocal they will be of ferocity and your fearfulness
I will recount your greatness
Zonked in the presence of your abundance they shall pour out their speech
and they will sing of your righteousness

Compassionate and merciful is יְהוָה
patient of face and of great kindness
To all יְהוָה is good
and his compassion is over all his works

יְהוָה all your works will praise you
and your saints will bless you
Kingdom glory will be their talk
and they will speak of your power

Lo, revealing to the children of dust
the might and glory, the honor of his reign
Making your reign a reign for all times
and your rule for every age to every age

Sustains יְהוָה all the fallen
and he raises up all the distressed
Eyes all hope to you
and you give them their food in its season
Perfect, you open your hand
satisfying the delight of all that is

So righteous is יְהוָה in all his ways
and kind in all his works
Quick is יְהוָה to all calling him
to all who call him in truth

Rejoicing he will bring delight to those fearing him
and he will hear their cry and will save them
Showing protection יְהוָה to one and all loving him
and annihilating all the wicked

To the praise of יְהוָה my mouth will speak
and let all-flesh bless his holy name always and ever

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