Saturday, November 29, 2008

Psalm 41

We reach the end of Book 1 - what have we learned structurally? Psalm 41 completes the first Messianic statement which could be read by first century writers and was. So for example of Psalms I have recently rendered, 35, 38 and 41, all support the NT reading that the unique beloved of God (יְחִידָתִֽי) my darling as the KJV has it in Psalm 35:17 would give his life to the lions for the sin of the world, taking it on as his very own regardless of whether it belonged to him or not.

For the leader
A Psalm
Of David
Happy the one giving insight to the needy
in the day of evil יְהוָה will deliver him
יְהוָה will guard him and keep him alive
and he will be considered happy in the earth
and you will not give him into the will of his enemies
יְהוָה will confirm him on a bed of sorrow
all his couch you change in his illness

I - I said
יְהוָה have mercy on me
heal my being for I have sinned against you
my enemies speak evil of me
when will he die and his name perish

and if he comes to see
he speaks emptiness
in his heart he gathers iniquity to himself
he goes out to the street
and he speaks
together against me
all those hating me whisper
against me
they plan evil for me

An evil thing is poured out in him
and which he lies in
he will not rise up again

Even one in my peace in whom I trusted
eating my bread has magnified a heel
against me

but you יְהוָה have mercy on me and raise me up
and I will make peace in them
in this I know that you delight in me
for my enemy does not raise a shout over me
but I in my completeness you make me complete
and you set me in your presence for ever

Bless יְהוָה the God of Israel for ever and ever
Amen and Amen

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