Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Psalm 71

The pattern of praying shame and confusion on enemies is concentrated - a 6 fold repetition - in the psalms 63-71. Five other times it appears in the Psalter, 4 from psalms 35-54 (40 being a repeat of 70) and once only in the remaining psalms (86 - the end of the Elohist Psalter). The promise of salvation is by no means confined. Here it applies even to those with gray hair.

In you יְהוָה I seek refuge
I will never be ashamed
In your righteousness you will deliver me
and you will secure me

Incline to me your ear and save me
be to me a rock
a shelter to go to continually
you have commanded that I be saved
for my stronghold and my fortress you are O my God

secure me from the hand of the wicked
from the palm of an evil and sour person
for you are my hope O Lord יְהוָה
my trust from my youth

by you I have been supported from the belly
from the womb of my mother you severed me
in you is my praise continually
I have become as a wonder to many
for you are my strong refuge

let my mouth be filled with your praise
all day long with your splendour
do not cast me off in the time of old age
when my strength fails do not forsake me

for my enemies speak against me
and watching for my being they plan as one
saying God has forsaken him
pursue him and seize him for there is none to deliver

O God do not be distant from me
My God hurry to my help

The accusers of my being will be ashamed and consumed
they will wrap themselves with reproach and dishonour from seeking my hurt
but I 
continually will hope
and I will repeat all your praises
my mouth will count your righteousness all day
and your salvation for I do not know the counts

I will go in power O Lord יְהוָה
I will remember your righteousness yours alone O God
you have taught me from my youth
and to now I have made known your wonderful works
and even to old age and grey haired

O God do not forsake me
till I have made known your strength to a generation
to all who come your power

And your righteousness O God is to the heights
Who has done great things O God?
Who is like you who showed me great and evil troubles
and will turn and give me life from the depths of the earth?
You will turn and remove me
you will increase my greatness
and you will surround and comfort me

Also I, I will give thanks to you in this instrument of skin
in your truth O my God
I will sing to you on a harp
the Holy One of Israel

My lips will greatly rejoice for I will sing to you
and my being which you have redeemed
even my tongue all the day will roar your righteousness
for those seeking my hurt are shamed
for they are embarrassed

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