Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Structural connection confirmed

Some time ago I thought I spotted a complex of pillars surrounding the psalms - I still think they are there - psalms 3-6 balance psalms 140-143 - personal, enemy and troubles oriented, and each group shares a sufficient language set that they might share a common author or final redactor.

Psalm 140
For the leader, A Psalm Of David
Deliver me יְהוָה from human evil
from violent individuals protect me
who devise evils by heart
every day they are gathered for battle
they have sharpened their tongues as a serpent
poison of an adder under their lips
Keep me יְהוָה from hands of wickedness
from violent individuals protect me
who devise stumblings of my step
proud they hide a trap for me
and bindings they have spread
a handy net from a trench
snares they set for me
I said to יְהוָה you are my God
hear יְהוָה, the voice of my supplication
יְהוָה the Lord of the strength of my salvation
you covered my head in the day of assault
Do not permit יְהוָה cravings of wickedness
his plans do not promote
Let them exalt themselves
the head of those around me
trouble of their lips
let it cover them
let burning coals fall on them
in the fire let them be cast
into watery pits so they will not rise
let not a slanderer be established in the earth
evil will hunt to push on a violent individual
I know יְהוָה will mark the plea of the afflicted
the judgment of the poor
surely the righteous will praise your name
the upright will dwell in your presence
Psalm 141
A Psalm Of David
יְהוָה I cry to you Hurry to me
attend to my call when I cry to you
let my prayer be established as incense in your presence
a lifting up of my palms, the offerings of evening

set יְהוָה a guard on my mouth
keep the gate of my lips
do not give my heart to a word of evil
to practise practices in wickedness with men, workers of iniquity
and let me not partake in their delights

let the righteous strike me with a kindness
let him rebuke me as oil on a head
 my head will not hinder
for continuous is my prayer in their evils
when those judging them are felled by hands of stone
then they will hear my words for they are sweet
as one ploughs and digs on the earth
dispersed are our bones to the mouth of the pit

for to you יְהוָה my Lord are my eyes
in you I seek refuge
do not expose my being
keep me from the hands of the trap they have set for me
and the snares of the workers of iniquity
let the wicked fall into their own nets
as one I still escape
Psalm 142
An insight Of David when he was in the cave
A prayer
My voice to יְהוָה I will call
my voice to יְהוָה I will seek favour
I will pour out in his presence my complaint
my troubles in his presence I will announce
when my spirit is disabled within me
and you knew my path in this road I walk
they hid a trap for me
Look right and see
there is not for me one who knows
refuge failed for me
there is none searching my being

I called to you יְהוָה
I said you are my shelter
my portion in the land of the living
Listen to my cry for distressed am I greatly
Deliver me from my persecutors
for they are stronger than I
Bring from prison my being
to praise + your name
with me surround the righteous
for you will mature me

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