Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Psalm 28

Of David
To you יְהוָה will I call
my rock do not be inactive with me
if you are silent with me
then I will be like those going into a pit

Hear the voice of my supplication in my cry to you
in my lifting up my hands to the word of your holiness
you will not draw me away with the wicked or with workers of trouble
speaking peace with their neighbors but with evil in their heart

give them as their doings and the wickedness of their practice
give them by the works of their hands
so return their benefit to them
for they do not pay attention to the doings of יְהוָה
and to the works of his hands
he will overthrow them and he will not build them

Bless יְהוָה for he has heard the voice of my supplication
יְהוָה my strength and my shield
in him my heart trusts and I am helped
my heart will exult and with my song I will praise him

יְהוָה their strength
and he is the stronghold of the victories of his anointed
Save your people and bless your heritage
and shepherd them and lift them up for ever and ever

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