Sunday, November 02, 2008

Psalm 59 - another Miktam

For the leader
do not destroy
of David, a miktam
when Saul sent and they watched the city to have him executed

Deliver me from my enemies O my God
from those rising over me set me on high
Deliver me from workers of trouble
and from men of blood save me
for behold they lie in wait for my life
the mighty gather against me

It is not my transgression and not my sin יְהוָה
Without fault they run and prepare themselves
Awake to my call and see!
For you יְהוָה God of hosts the God of Israel
awaken to visit all the nations
Do not show mercy to all those treacherous in iniquity
they return in the evening
they growl like the dog
they surround a city
hear what they pour out from their mouths
swords in their lips
for who is listening?

But you יְהוָה will laugh at them
you will deride all the nations
Such is his strength
for you I will keep watch
for God is my refuge
The God of my loving kindness will go before me
God will let me oversee my watchers
Do not slay them lest my people forget
Scatter them in your power
and subdue them O Lord our shield

The sin of their mouth! The word of their lips!
Let them be captured in their pride
for curse and deception they speak
complete in wrath complete and they will not be
and they will know that God is ruling in Jacob
to the ends of the earth
they return in the evening
they growl like the dog
they surround a city
they will wander for meat
and not satisfied will complain

But I will sing of your strength
and I will rejoice in your loving kindness in the morning
for you have been a refuge to me
and haven in the day of my distress
I in my strength will make music to you
for God is my refuge
the God of my loving kindness

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