Friday, September 12, 2008

Psalm 148

Hallelu Yah
Praise יְהוָה from the heavens
Praise him in the high places
Praise him all his angels
Praise him all his hosts

Praise him sun and moon
Praise him all stars of light
Praise him the heavens of heavens
and the waters which are above the heavens

Let them praise the name of יְהוָה
for he gave the commission and they were created
and he will establish them for now and for ever
he made a decree and it will not pass away

Praise יְהוָה from the earth
monsters and all depths
Fire and hail snow and vapour
tempestuous wind doing his bidding

Hills and high places fruit trees and all cedars
You living beings and all beasts
creepy-crawlies and birds of the wing
rulers of the earth and all peoples

princes and all judges of the earth
youths in their prime and all maidens
old men with children
let them praise the name of יְהוָה

for excelling is his name, his alone,
his splendour over earth and heaven
and he will lift up the horn of his people
a prayer of all those of his mercy, of the children of Israel, a people near him
Hallelu Yah

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