Monday, December 15, 2008

Psalm 69

This all seems still very preliminary. There is hardly a more troubled psalm than this one. Reading its prayer for destruction as applying to the anointed and wounded King is a difficult exercise. Nonetheless, the hope is not extinguished as it has been kept from the first personal psalms of David.

What has lilies got to do with it all?

For the leader
at the place of lilies
Of David

Save me O God
for the waters have come up to the throat
I am sunk in a wine from the deep and there is no foothold
I am come into depths of waters and the streams overflow me

I am weary with my calling
my throat dried
my eyes faint waiting for my God
more than the hairs of my head are those hating me for nothing
numerous those seeking to destroy
my enemies deceitful
what I did not remove must I restore?

O God you
you know my foolishness
and my offenses from you are not hidden
May those waiting on you not be ashamed in me
O Lord יְהוָה of hosts
may they not be disgraced in me who seek you
O God of Israel
because for you I have borne reproach
my face covered with disgrace
I have become alienated from my relations
and unknown to the children of my mother

For jealousy for your house has eaten me up
and the reproaches of those reproaching you have fallen on me
and I wept with fasting
my life became as my reproaches
and I made clothing of sack
and I became among them as a proverb

those sitting gateside speak of me with songs of drunkards
but I
my prayer is to you O God in a time of acceptance
O God in your great mercy hear me
in the truth of your salvation

Deliver me from the dirt
and I will not sink
let me be delivered from those hating me
and from the deep waters

Do not let streams of waters overthrow me
and do not let depth swallow me
and do not let a pit shut her mouth on me
Hear me יְהוָה for your loving kindness is good
for the multitude of your tender mercies turn to me
and do not hide your face from your servant
for there is trouble for me
quickly hear me

Enter in to my life
because of my enemies ransom me
you have known my reproach and my shame and my disgrace
before you are all my troublers

Reproach has broken my heart and I am sick
and I looked to show grief and there was none
and to comforters but I did not find any
they gave venom for my food
and in my thirst they gave vinegar as drink

Let their table become in their faces a trap
and in their peace a snare
let their eyes be darkened from seeing
and their loins continually shake
Pour out on them your indignation
and your fierce anger will overtake them

Let their home become desolate
in their tents let no one be living
for they persecute the one whom you struck
and to the grief of your wounded they speak

Give iniquity to their iniquity
let them not come into your righteousness
they will be erased from the scroll of the living
and with the righteous let them not be written

But I 
am afflicted and in pain
let your salvation O God set me on high
I will praise the name of God with a song
and will magnify him with thanksgiving
and this will please יְהוָה more than bull
young bull of horn or hoof

The afflicted will see and will be glad
those seeking God in your heart shall live
for יְהוָה hears the poor
and his prisoners he does not despise

Let heavens and earth praise him
seas and all moving in them
for God will save Zion and will build the cities of Judah
and they will live there and will occupy it
and the seed of his servants will inherit
and those loving his name will settle there

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