Saturday, November 01, 2008

Psalm 57 - Do not destroy

For the leader
Do not destroy
of David, a miktam
in his flight from the face of Saul in the cave

Have mercy on me O God
Have mercy on me for in you is refuge for my life
and in the shadow of your wings I make my refuge
until calamities are passed by

I will call to God Most High
to God who fulfills all for me
He will send from heaven and will save me
he reproached the one crushing me
God will send his mercy and his truth
my life is among lions
and I lie with those on fire
the children of dust
their teeth like spears and arrows
and their tongue a sharp sword

Be high in the heavens O God
over all the earth your glory

A net they have set for my steps
bowed down is my life
they have dug before me a pit
they have fallen in its midst
My heart is set O God
my heart is set
I will sing and I will make music
Awake my glory
awake psaltery and harp
I will awake the dawn

I will give thanks to you among the peoples O Lord
I will make music among the folk
for great to the heavens is your mercy
and to the clouds your truth

Be high in the heavens O God
over all the earth your glory
Note life = nefesh. I can't always get away with this.
'works for me' - I call to mind the erga (works) which John writes of Jesus. It is that kind of completion (and the LXX uses a related word.)
'lie with those on fire'. Perhaps lodge or reside would do, but it just might be as true as it sounds.

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