Monday, November 17, 2008

The Royal cluster 96-99

Sing to יְהוָה a new song
sing to יְהוָה all the earth
sing to יְהוָה bless his name
publish from day to day his salvation

Declare his glory among the nations
and to all the peoples his wonders
for great is יְהוָה and greatly to be praised
he is to be feared above all gods

for all the gods of the peoples are idols
but יְהוָה made the heavens
honour and majesty are in his presence
strength and splendour in his sanctuary

ascribe to יְהוָה tribes of the nations
ascribe to יְהוָה glory and strength
ascribe to יְהוָה the glory of his name
bear an offering and come into his courts

worship יְהוָה in the beauty of holiness
let all the earth tremble in his presence
say to the nations
יְהוָה rules
also the world is established not to be moved
he will judge the peoples with uprightness

let the heavens be glad and let the earth rejoice
let the sea roar and and its fullness
let the field be joyful and all that are in it
then all the trees of the wood will shout for joy
in the presence of יְהוָה
for he comes
for he comes to judge the earth
he will judge the world with righteousness
and the peoples in his truth
יְהוָה rules
let the earth rejoice
let the multitude of coasts be glad

clouds and darkness surround him
righteousness and judgment are the foundation of his throne
fire walks in his presence
and will burn his surrounding adversaries
his lightnings light the world
and the earth saw and trembled
hills melted like wax in the presence of יְהוָה
in the presence of the Lord of all the earth

the heavens make evident his righteousness
and all the people see his glory
all servants of a graven image will be ashamed
boasting in the idols
worship him all gods

Zion heard and was glad
and the daughters of Judah rejoiced
because of your judgments יְהוָה
for you יְהוָה are most high over all the earth
greatly you are exalted over all gods

those loving יְהוָה hate evil
he guards the lives of those who know his mercy
he delivers them from the hand of the wicked
light is sown for the righteous and gladness to the upright of heart
be glad in יְהוָה you righteous ones
and give thanks for the remembrance of his holiness

A Psalm
Sing to יְהוָה a new song
for wonders he has done
his right hand
brought salvation for him
and his holy arm

יְהוָה has made known his salvation
in the eyes of the nations he has uncovered his righteousness
he remembered his mercy and his truth for the house of Israel
all the ends of the earth saw the salvation of our God

Make a joyful noise to יְהוָה all the earth
break out and rejoice and make music
make music to יְהוָה on the harp
on the harp and voice of a psalm
with the trumpets and the voice of a shophar
make a joyful noise in the presence of יְהוָה the king

let the sea roar its fullness
the world and those living in it
the rivers clap their hands as one
the hills rejoice
in the presence of יְהוָה for he comes to judge the earth
he will judge the world with righteousness
and the peoples with equity
יְהוָה rules
let the peoples tremble
he sits on the cherubim
let the earth shake

יְהוָה is great in Zion
and he is lifted up among all the peoples
let them praise your great and fearful name
he is holy
and the king's strength loves judgment
you establish equities,
it is you who makes judgment and righteousness in Jacob

Lift up יְהוָה our God
and worship at his footstool
he is holy

Moses and Aaron among his priests
and Samuel among those calling on his name
they called on יְהוָה and he answered them
in the pillar of cloud he spoke to them

they kept his testimonies
and the statutes he gave them
יְהוָה our God you answered them
you were a God bearing them
but avenging their foolishness

Lift up יְהוָה our God
and worship at his holy hill
for יְהוָה our God is holy

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