Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Psalm 30

A Psalm
a song of the dedication of the house
Of David

I will exalt you יְהוָה for you have drawn me
and you did not let my enemies rejoice over me
יְהוָה my God I cried to you and you have healed me
יְהוָה you brought up my life from the grave
you kept me alive not to descend to the pit

Sing to יְהוָה those who know his mercy
and give thanks at the memory of his holiness
for momentary in his anger
in his acceptance is life
weeping stops over in the evening
but in the morning - joy

And I, I said
in my rest I will not be moved for ever
יְהוָה in your acceptance you made my hill stand strong
you hid your face - I become foolish

To you יְהוָה I will call
and to my Lord I continue supplication
what gain is in my blood when I go down to destruction?
will the dust praise you?
will it announce your truth?

Hear יְהוָה and have mercy
יְהוָה be a help to me
you have turned my lament into my dance
you have loosed my sackcloth and clothed me in gladness
therefore I will sing to you
glory and not be still
יְהוָה my God for ever I will give you thanks

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