Friday, November 07, 2008

Distribution of the top 12 of content

The prior post shows what one would expect - the great 8 words of psalm 119 are used in other psalms but to a lesser extent. The frequency of some is greater than that of others - like Torah (Teaching) is less used than Dabar (word) - but in some cases, my graph may not distinguish verb from noun and in some cases it might - so it is all a bit of a vague feeling towards the language in terms of common usage of words.

Now this post will look at words that capture the content of the Psalter: I have picked heaven and earth, mercy, injustice, wicked, righteous, face/presence, life/soul, the poor, the king, hearing, and good. The question is - is there one psalm that focuses any of these words - thus showing them to be a particular theme of the psalter?

Here are the high usage words from Psalm 1 in reverse order: wicked, sinner, delight, righteous.

Note that psalm 37 focuses the righteous and the wicked. Psalm 51 captures both delight and sin.

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