Friday, November 07, 2008

Distribution of the top 12 (2)

Now moving to psalm 2 and picking up a few of the high usage words. Here I will have trouble with 'trust' for this is a major word in the Psalms, but my algorithm cannot see it since so many letters of the root are dropped in the word as written. E.g. in the text of psalm 2 we have חֹוסֵי and in the text of psalm 5 we have the same, but the 'root' is חסה. Find that one with a computer! There is a vav added and an ה removed. Back to work on verbs! Or back to trying to figure out when a vav is a mater. Similar problem with anointed...

So the heavens figure in four psalms - 57, 89, 115 (still in first draft), 148 (where there are 5 not 4 - must have missed one - ah construct form!). I already had to code an exception to the rule-sequence for this word - hopefully I won't have to code 1000 exceptions!

Holy gets a lot of hits and a focus in psalm 89. Face or presence has a focus in psalm 68 - but there are false hits which include the connector PN = lest or if.

It is still an interesting experiment.

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