Friday, November 21, 2008

Psalm 19

For the leader
A Psalm of David
The heavens proclaim the glory of God
the work of his hands is evident from their surface
Day to day pours out promise
night to night declares knowledge
There is no promise and there are no words
their voice is not heard
but in all the earth their lineage has gone out
and to the end of the world their speech

For the sun he made a home in them
and he as bridegroom going forth from his canopy
rejoices as a mighty one running a path
from one end of the heavens rising and a circuit to their ends
and there is no hiding from his heat

The teaching of יְהוָה is complete turning a life
The testimony of יְהוָה is nourishing making wise simplicity
The precepts of יְהוָה are upright rejoicing a heart
The commandment of יְהוָה is pure enlightening eyes
The fear of יְהוָה is clean standing for ever
the judgments of יְהוָה are a unity of truth justified
more desirable than gold and than abundant fine gold
and sweeter than honey even the flowing honey of treetops

Also your servant is enlightened in them
and in keeping them is great consequence
Who will understand errors?
From the hidden clear me
Also from presumptions hold your servant that they may not rule in me

Then I will be complete and I will be clear of great sin
May the words of my mouth be acceptable
and the whisper of my heart in your presence
יְהוָה my rock and my redeemer

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