Friday, August 29, 2008

The Acrostics (112)

For 111 see the earlier version - where I have let the Countess have the acrostic in English letter order. Note that the paired acrostics, 111 and 112, share an active qal participle and for ever - standing in perpetuity - as inclusio. Clearly they were composed 'together'.

I continue my foolishness in Hebrew letter order, taking liberties with glottal stops and impossible letters like tsade.

Psalm 112
Hallelu Yah

A happy person fears יְהוָה
By his commandments he has much delight
Great in the earth will be his seed
Days of the upright will be blessed
High value and riches are in his house
Verily his righteousness stands in perpetuity
Zenith-bearing, light to the upright shines in darkness
He is gracious and compassionate and righteous
This is a good person, gracious and lending
Yea, he will measure his affairs with judgment
Cause he will not be moved ever
Living in the presence of the eternal, he becomes righteous
Messages of evil he does not fear
Now his heart is ready, trusting in יְהוָה
Supported is his heart, he does not fear
Even when it is that he sees his troubles
Prodigal of love, he gives to the poor
Standing in perpetuity is his righteousness
Quite full his horn, lifted up in glory
Rebel will see and be indignant
So shall his teeth gnash and waste away
The desire of the rebels will perish

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