Sunday, November 23, 2008

Psalm 92

A Psalm
a song to the day of the Sabbath
Good it is to give thanks to יְהוָה
and to sing to your name O Most High
to publish in the morning your loving kindness
and your faithfulness in the evenings
on a tenth and on guitar
on meditation with a harp

For you have made me joy יְהוָה in your doing
in the works of your hands I will exult
how great your works יְהוָה
how deep your devices
a brute does not know
and a dullard will not understand this among other things

that the wicked flourish like grass
and all workers of trouble blossom
to be destroyed
thoroughly for ever
but you are on high
for ever יְהוָה
for behold your enemies יְהוָה
for behold your enemies will perish
all workers of trouble will be scattered

but you will raise up my horn like a unicorn
I have been anointed with luxuriant oil
And my eye has seen concerning those lurking for me
and of those rising up in evildoing against me
my ears have heard

A righteous one will flourish like a palm tree
will grow like a cedar of Lebanon
Those planted in the house of יְהוָה
in the courts of our God will flourish

They will be fruitful even in old age
fat and luxuriant they will be
to publish that upright is יְהוָה my rock
and there is no injustice in him

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