Saturday, May 19, 2007

Staring at psalm 2

There is no easy way to deal with Psalm 2 - and so for the moment, I am shelving it. [Much later, read Rashi and realize that purity is a great structural completion and even a Janus parallel.]

Structurally, the last three verses sum up the previous nine: The kings of the earth (1) are recalled in 10. The wrath and burning (5) are reflected in 12 in reverse order with a diminutive hint of humour recalling the laughter of verse 4. The anointed, the subject of 2, 6-9, the ruler of the kings of the earth, the one about whom is the substance of the enthronment psalm is not mentioned in the recap unless we recognize the son in verse 12.

I can't get any other hint as to what נַשְּׁקוּ-בַר means unless it refers back to this major section and subject of the poem. I have to stick with kiss the son for now since otherwise the poem is structurally incomplete. It cannot mean do homage to the LORD; but kiss the ground is possible if it is deemed an act of submission to the anointed.

To see a readable enlargement of the image illustrating these relations click here. I could improve my colouring. One day, I will learn that less is more, but my excuse is that this was one of the first I translated and coloured - and I was testing a product - and it goes beyond colour.

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