Monday, May 07, 2007

Psalm 18 and 25 first drafts

Two more psalms take their stand in a preliminary form. Psalm 25 is well analysed by Magonet and I have used some of his pointers to sketch a few colours. Psalm 18 is large and complex. It seems to have a theme of completeness in it.

The Spirit speaking through this writer speaks to me of the cost of loving enemies - not just battle-lines drawn up for destructive vengeance. The enemies were too strong for David - the reference to the Nations feigning obedience then quaking out of their fortresses is perplexing but almost reminds me of the astonishment of Isaiah 52 - who will believe our report? There is also a full-scale theophany in vs 8-16. What role does this play? What is the extraordinary space (20) into which the Psalmist is drawn? No colours yet - they will take time and I am looking for new ways of using them - full colour is a bit much to see.

Let the stew boil. I am not in a hurry to repeat the detailed logies of past ages - but the personal aspects of the poem especially as a certain first century Jews might have read it are intriguing.

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