Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Why biblical Hebrew

The disciplined Daniel and Tonya have asked a number of questions on the study of Biblical Hebrew. Here are my responses.

Why do you study biblical Hebrew?
To get to a better understanding of the experience of the life of the Spirit in the first century of this era. The writers of the NT, particularly the writer of Hebrews read the scripture is a way that is different from the ways I have seen in my culture.

What do you want to be able to do with your ability in biblical Hebrew?
I am doing a little teaching: 5 minutes a week in Sunday School and one mature student. I want them to enjoy the language as much as I have. I want the youngsters to say in their teens if they so desire - I can do this.

How does biblical language study relate to you as a confessor of Scripture?
It reveals to me that I do not have, nor does any tradition have all the answers in a nice pile.

Since we’re talking about reading this Hebrew Bible, what is the Hebrew Bible?
I don't feel the need to give it bounds at the moment. But I have only touched a few books.

Goals for 2009.
I have no set goals. In this third year of study, I hope to apply the tools of my trade to the problem of learning and researching biblical Hebrew - and hopefully presenting the results of my study more clearly. I would like to create a database with the properties of each word in the psalter. Although I am translating other books also, I do not expect to include them in the database in quite the same way.

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Wonderful. I hope your questions and responses guide your study as it has for us.