Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rarely used words in the Psalter - 6

For today of course מֹר and כתם each occur once only in the Psalms - in the joy of a wedding.

Your throne O God is now and for ever
a sceptre of equity the sceptre of your kingdom
You have loved righteousness and hate wickedness
therefore God your God has anointed you
with oil of rejoicing with your companions

All your garments are myrrh מֹר and aloes
cassia from palaces of ivory
lutes make you glad
kings' daughters are among your highly valued
a consort is placed at your right hand in gold כתם of Ophir

Be his consort indeed.

You have died to the law through the body of Christ,
so that you may belong to another,
to him who has been raised from the dead
in order that we may bear fruit for God.

קטרת occurs twice, Psalm 66:15 and Psalm 141:2. For frankincense, go to the Song especially chapter 4.

let my prayer be established as incense קטרת in your presence
a lifting up of my palms, the offerings of evening

I will complete for you my vows
which my lips have set free
and my mouth spoke in the trouble that was mine
whole offerings of marrow I will offer to you
with incense קטרת of a ram

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