Sunday, May 10, 2009

Considering Job and the Psalms

I wondered if the apparently thorough index at the end of J. M. Neale's 4 volume commentary on the Psalms, primitive and medieval writers and from the various office books and hymns of the Roman, Mozarabic, Ambrosian, Gallican, Greek, Coptic, Armenian, and Syriac Rites. That is indeed the subtitle! I wondered, as I said, if this would provide an insight into relationships between Job and the Psalms - but after a few tests, I think it will not be a quick decision.

This comprehensive index, manually created in a mechanical but pre-electronic time, is a marvel of completeness with respect to the contents of his book. But it is not a companion reading except to the extent that it reflects where Job is referenced in the commentary by those detailed prior authors and rites.

E.g. Job 1:6 Psalm 37:12 - Any relationship at all verbally? None. Job 14:4-5, he notes Psalm 39:5, Job 14:14:19, Psalm 18:3. But no mention of the tree image in Psalm 1 - a possible companion to Job 14. And the Psalm 39 allusion is anticipated by Job 14:13 not verses 4 and 5. Besides this, I must continuously translate Roman numerals to numbers.

There are allusions to the Psalms in Job - some chapters invite a companion reading. I have referenced a few in the translations on Job - but I am not quite ready to try the reverse references. Each allusion needs more than a touch. And each needs a new word in our times.


Anonymous said...

I think, at this point in time introspectvely about Job,42:6 and Psalm 119;176.The CONTEXT,is similar,both renewed their acceptance of the terms of the covenant on a higher prophetic level similar with Romans1;17 :'The just shall live by faith'.I find in job 42;6 and psalm 119;176,the prophetic understanding of the new covenant with Jerusalem.,no claim can be made to it either by ancestry or by faithfulness,.The new covenant rests on YHWH alone ,and will be solely by YHWH'DECISION.M

Bob MacDonald said...

Hi Anonymous M. These intimations of New Covenant in Job, Psalms, and Habakkuk - do others require the adjective New? Is there enough even surplus in the 'Old' Deuteronomic covenant to handle the Anointing in TNK? What do you think of my translation of Job 42:6? I think you would like the book on Job by Ticciati - only 200 pages...