Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Four Psalms

[Update - the image is easier to read and it links to everything]
Just for fun, I mapped the relationship of four psalms to every other psalm. What silliness! It's a little hard to read - tilt your head 75 degrees left to get the psalm numbers right. Read it like this: Psalm 1 (blue) has a number of 'words' that are shared in other psalms - the blue is a kind of profile of the words of Psalm 1 as used in each other psalm. Also the green is Psalm 2 words' profile. The yellow a profile for Psalm 3 and the red Psalm 4. The individual profiles are also in the individual psalm diagrams. The Psalm 32 profile (110 words in 11 verses) shows the same relatively strong connections to the first four psalms (102 hits total - but note it is a Cartesian join so some of the 110 words will be hit many times).

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