Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Working on book 1

Psalm -30 September 2007 (97)
Psalm -32 September 2007 (110)
Psalm -34 September 2007 (165)
Psalm -37 September 2007 (298)

My random walk continues. I notice a couple of words recurring in recent psalms - variations on כּרת (cut) in psalms 34 and 37 and on תָּם (complete).

Cut and complete are terms used with the covenant of circumcision. 'Cut off' in psalm 37 is repeatedly used to mean destroyed, removed. In Psalm 34, the righteous are said to have great evil. Well we know this in ourselves. And look at how much trouble David gets into. The LORD saves the righteous, but the same evil (the same word that is) slays the wicked. It seems to me that that the only resolution is for both the righteous and the wicked to be in this cut covenant as the Psalms and the Prophets so clearly state must be the case. This imaged-reality providing such a complete cut for all is included in the work (the acts) of God in Christ expressed in and from the Psalms and the Prophets in the NT and encompassing circumcision, passover, atonement, and in fact every aspect of offering that is expressed with such depth in TNK. Truly the faith of the covenant people expressed in TNK is beautiful.

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